The BeHome blog is a project of the Home Renaissance Foundation (HRF). At HRF our aim is to restore proper prominence to the work of the home. We believe that the home is the essential building block of society. Good homes will lead to a better society. The role of the homemaker as a professional needs to be properly recognised.

The home is like your own business; the better organised it is, the happier your family will be. If it is neglected it will fail to provide the comfort and security that everyone needs. It needs to be taken seriously. Welcome, then, to the new ‘professional’ vision for the home.

If you feel that the work of the home has been seriously undervalued and even undermined in the recent past then this blog is for you.

To find out more and to keep up to date visit the Home Renaissance Foundation website, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook pages.


One thought on “About

  1. Sara Conkey

    Hi I’m a Bbc Radio 4 producer working on the interview series ‘One To One’ which is broadcast at 9.30am. I’m doing two programmes about the theme of ‘responsibility’ and wondered if I could be put in touch with Jo Brazier. Many thanks.

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