The home, a long-distance race

The home is of incalculable value to the individual, but it is very little recognised. It is the cradle of our happiness. The home is an investment in the future. There is a viral phrase on social media that sums up very well one of the purposes of our foundation: “An emotionally healthy child is an intelligently happy adult”. And the home is, without a doubt, that environment in which to flourish.

Let’s look back, let’s think about the home we had or the home we have created and try to separate what is in me from what I am now, the fruit of that home and what I have contributed.

Let’s start at the beginning, our parents and the relationship between them. How they treat each other, how they look at each other, how they take care of each other, something that seems routine, teaches us so much… Our siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles, grandparents, every detail of their behaviour towards us, towards others, between them, also marks our lives.

How we deal with small and big problems at home, what decisions we make, whether we confront them or shy away from them, whether we tell the truth or hide it, whether we take responsibility or let it slip away… Each situation tattoos a style, a way of being. And our personality is shaped by all of them.

I’m from that generation that wouldn’t even think of stealing chewing gum, because no matter how little money it was, your mother would go back to the shop with you to return it. Yes, your mother would go with you even though she was ashamed to admit that her son had stolen.

Everything prepares us for life, even the fall… Beware of those parents who directly pave the way so that their children do not even have to face how to jump over the obstacle… The person who is born and grows up in a stable, safe, warm, welcoming, restorative home, in which he/she feels cared for and learns to care, is at an advantage. Those tools that one acquires at home at an early age will allow us to weather any storm and enjoy whatever comes. Because we will have learnt from an early age to distinguish rights from obligations, feelings from emotions, right from wrong, truth from lies, facts from their consequences…

The home becomes a backbone, a pillar without which it is difficult to sustain oneself. And today’s society has neglected the home. It has not given it the value it deserves. We have thought that it was easy, that anything goes, that it will be done, that the school will take care of it, that working outside is more important, that everything can be achieved even if it is only half done, that a little time with our children before going to bed is enough… The percentage of dedication has been reduced to such a level that it is very difficult to explain that ME FIRST is incompatible with the home.

HOME with a capital H is possible when everyone wins. When we all go together when all the adjectives mentioned above are real and we fight, we work daily, we take care of each other on a daily basis. A home is a long-distance race and it is not built overnight, because people are not born today and die tomorrow.