Work & Care

Whenever we organise an event, such as last week’s round table in Madrid, giving visibility to the work that Home Renaissance Foundation has been doing since 2006, we receive messages for days afterwards. They are messages of thanks for making relevant a subject as basic and at the same time as important as the work of the home. But these thanks are mutual, as we would not be able to move forward without donations, the support of institutions, researchers and your enthusiasm and engagement.

One of our mottos has always been “to make the invisible visible” because housework is often intangible, but it does not lose value because of this, on the contrary, it gains by it. We all begin life needing this work to be done for us to thrive in later life. Housework is the visible sign of the loving selfless care offered in the home.

The Italian sociologist Pierpaolo Donati said at the symposium on Care organised by the UIC last weekend in Barcelona that societies that destroy or attack families disappear because it is precisely in the home where personal virtues are transformed into social ones. In other words, I may learn to be generous in my immediate environment, but it is only through the family that I can be generous in society. “The home is the engine of trust, solidarity and reciprocity, virtues that neither the state nor society can teach in the way the home can and does.”

The recently appointed rector of the CEU University of Valencia, Higinio Marín, claimed human beings would not survive if it were not for the care of their elders. This looking after is vital for many years, and the aim is for those who are looked after to be able to not only look after themselves but to care for others. He added that this care is even more beautiful in that we continue to care for people even when death arrives since human beings are the only species on the planet that buries its dead. Even when we die there is care.

The philosopher Francesc Torralba proposed for today’s society the necessity of finding leadership based on care. For care to be at the center of decision-making.  Today we live in a society embedded in uncertainty, in volatility, where only the fastest to adapt wins. Faced with these characteristics, homes have to prepare themselves to form future leaders who understand the reciprocity of care, for individuals, for institutions and, not forgetting, the care of the planet as our common home.

Such interesting ideas and enriching dialogues inspire us greatly to continue working for and with households, central pillars of this society. We will be showing step by step that without them it is not possible to move forward.
The event we organised last week at the Fundación Telefónica has already been watched by more than 1000 people on youtube. If you missed it, you can watch it here.

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