Mine + Yours = Ours

Here is the epilogue of our latest Communication Project ‘Home and Happiness’ by the philosopher and director of HRF, Maria Teresa Russo. She sums up excellently what people from different countries and different ages wanted to express as a part of this enriching experience. Hope you enjoyed reading the project and share your thoughts with us in the comments.

“According to Martin Seligman, founder of Positive Psychology, “genuine happiness consists in experiencing positive emotions about the past and the future, in savouring positive sensations derived from the many pleasures of existence, in deriving abundant gratification from one’s personal capacities, and in using those capacities in the service of something greater to give it meaning”.

It seems to me that this definition is faithfully reflected in the answers collected here. On the one hand, it is the small satisfied tastes, the comforting rituals, a certain amount of comfort, even physical comfort, that contribute to our subjective well-being. They are the “little joys” that bring joy to everyday life.

On the other hand, it is above all relationships, especially family relationships, that satisfy our desire for a happiness that is more than just feeling good. It is not by chance that two words recur in these answers and in the drawings, both of adults and of children: love and family.

Love as sharing, as caring for others, as listening and telling stories. Family as an affective space in which to receive – security, support, shelter – but also to give – time, attention, a smile. And the home is the framework of this everyday life made of customs and novelties; the place from which one leaves and to which one returns, where the memory of the past and the expectation of the future mingle. Domestic happiness made up of chores and celebrations, of the necessary and the superfluous, where one wishes to rest unhurriedly with one’s loved ones. A welcoming space where it is pleasant to be, because mutual care makes it possible for what is mine and what is yours to become “ours”.

The wish or hope is that this can be realised, always and in every home in the world.”


2 thoughts on “Mine + Yours = Ours

  1. I completely agree with this reflection. As you say, “happiness is more than just feeling good”. It is something deeply connected with human relationships, because we are relational beings – as philosophy too underlines (for ex. Jaspers). In the family context we perpetually learn to relate to the other, to take care of each other, to recognise each other, and to respect and love each other.

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