Learning from adversity

Today the content of this post should be different. We should be telling you about the interesting debate that took place at The House of Commons after the presentation of our book ‘The Home in the Digital Age‘.
Everything was ready, and those of us who came from abroad were already in London. But it was not to be. Our event is unfortunately postponed because Covid19 forced us to do so.
At Home Renaissance Foundation we decided to take things positively, above all, because homes are precisely an environment used to flexibility, with pre-established schedules and rhythms, but which from one day to the next or even in a matter of minutes must be able to adapt to the needs of its members. And the beauty of it is that, with rare exceptions, they always manage to get by, thanks to the effort or work of some and the understanding and empathy of others. So that’s where we are.
On Monday, we were able to meet with some of the attendees and set the lines of work for the coming months, we shared projects and ideas and we were especially happy to see each other again in person.
We hope to be able to celebrate this launch at a later date and we thank all those who have been working to make this possible today. We are neither the first nor the last to be affected by this situation, so we look forward with hope.
Hopefully, we will soon be able to announce the new date and also tell you some details about the projects we have underway and the Experts Meeting we are working on, which will be held in September in Washington.
Normality, we are looking forward to seeing you, so don’t delay!

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