New ways of being in our homes

We are all having to find new patterns of being in our homes, either on our own or with our families. This family, in the United States, has shared the new shape of their days with us. At HRF we are interested in how you are finding this time in your home. Please, tell us your new days too.

A mother in the US writes:

We are doing well.  We have enough food but it runs out fast because there is 8 of us here-me and hubby, 4 kids and my parents.

Kids wake up at 9 am, we have brunch at 10, everyone does office/school work until 4 and then we eat dinner at 5,  we do virtual mass at 6, then go play together, then watch a movie at 9:00-11.

My 8 year old Therese and I manage to play piano too and the other kids play their bass, guitar instruments, read books. My 12 year old Louise can spend hours with books. Gabriel,16 and Andrew 14 get an hour each of video games with their friends. This is their virtual interaction with them.

Our favourite outdoor family game is “Hide and seek” or Patintero (a Filipino tag game).

I am trying to make them learn Chinese but they are resisting. We also get to do catechism together for 30 mins before we watch a movie.

As for my business,  the 3 ladies who work for me are now working out of their homes now. We work with “essential” infrastructure because we are in the food business so, so far we are operating normally.

I am happy that we are all together and like all of the world is very concerned about our elderly. So, the quarantine is going quite well and we are aware of the importance of a good routine.


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