Less is more, or not!

I have a friend who is something else. I wouldn’t like to brag about friends but I just cannot help but tell you about this one. Regardless of the country in which I live, the circle of friends in which I find myself, family reunion to which I go, if the issue of children or family arises, she is always in my head.

It is that it is worth admiring. A lot of people think she’s crazy, she and her husband, but I have not met strings and sensible people in my life.

Every time she tells us, I have a big news to give you, we are for the heart because in the last years, every time she has told us this, it was a pregnancy. Yes, she has 9 children. And when you know them closely, your vision changes.

The first question when you talk about them is, “Of course, but they will be from some radical religious group?” And I am amused because my answer is, I do not know or care, even though I know because they are from the group of people that we should all be: Generosity ahead, I go after. That does not mean that all who are part of this large group must have 9 children, not many, or few, but those that each one is able to give to his family. But with the maxim of generosity, not of economic calculation. I sure would not pass the filter to join that group.

When one enters the door of her house perceives that this is a home. The first thing because there is always noise, there are always brothers willing to help. The disorder does not exist because each one has its role and they learn it from small. The day I saw a 5-year-old raising the table, picking up the dishes from the cupboard placed at his height and with great care put up the last fork, I understood many things. There I was and I could have done it for him, but no.

In this house, they do not talk about equality, because their home belongs to everyone. They collect and help, sons and daughters, equally and both parents work, important aspect. Neither has had to give up, having 9 children, to his professional life. Next questions: how many nannies do they have? Will they be rich, because in my house the economy would not give? The answers are negative, but sometimes I do not answer because if at this point people have not been able to understand that with 11 players your team is stronger than 3, it is that prejudices remain very anchored in the human intellect.


2 thoughts on “Less is more, or not!

  1. Angela

    Not sure about the ”professional life” mentioned in this context and why relevant – can i ask, do you mean both parents are currently in work of the paid variety? And how does this work? After all we all know that both paid work and unpaid work are equally important anyway in the scheme of things , and also (taking a life cycle perspective) even if one parent did not engage in paid work for a few years (in order to be there to provide hands on care) this doesn’t mean they’ve given anything up, rather they’ve just put it to one side to focus on other equally important roles. Just asking.

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